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Makins Heritage


In 1974, Marsha Akins started Makins Hats on an unemployment check in her one-room, 4th floor walk-up. Using a jiffy steamer, she molded the raw hat bodies over wood blocks and baked the hats dry in her home oven.

Now more than 40 years later, Makins Hat are still made by hand using the traditional method of Millinery [using steam to mold the straw and felt bodies over wooden blocks].

Our hats have been worn and loved by the world's most distinguished and recognized Men in the world.


    1. Brad Pitt (he personally requested Makins hats for the 60 page shoot and July 2007 cover) 
    2. Carlos Santana 
    3. Eddie Murphy 
    4. Djimon Hounsou
    5. Tiger Woods 
    6. Tom Hanks
    7. Kevin Garnett
    8. Snoop Dog 
    9. Cedric the Entertainer  
    10. Steve Harvey
    11. Nicholas Cage 
    12. Wyclef Jean 
    13. Denzel Washington 
    14. Samuel L Jackson
    15. Madonna 

We take great pride in handcrafting the finest Men’s hats. Each Makins Hat is made to order in our New York City Hat Factory on 35th Street.

In 2013, Satya Twena purchased Makins from Marsha and continues the Makins Hat legacy.

Makins Hats